3 Things: Dealing With Setbacks


Drum roll please…..


I’ve started a new YouTube and IG TV series called “Three Things With Heather Demetrios” where each video is focused on three pieces of advice related to a writing or creative process problem.


It’s so much fun! I love getting to talk craft and process, so this seemed like a perfect way to do it.


For my innaugural video, we’re tackling three ways to deal with setbacks. Whether it’s a setback with your work-in-progress or your creative life, I’ve got you covered.


I’ve been noticing that March is a particularly challenging month for many writers. I keep hearing from my clients and students and writer friends that they’re hitting a wall. It makes sense. We come into the new year with so much energy, so much expectation, and then by march, we often feel like we’re falling behind.


I wrote about this a bit in my Midnight Missive from this week.


In this video, I talk about three key ways to deal with setbacks:


1. Keep Showing Up

2. Cheat On Your Book

3. The Book Is The Boss


Click below to check out the video – and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you know when a new one is out! You can also watch it on Instagram, if that’s how you roll.






Breathe. Write. Repeat.


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