Your Fellowship of the Pen

Happy February! I’m writing you from Marrakech, Morocco, where I’m soaking up the sun and loving the colors and flavors and sights of this gorgeous city. I’ll be here for a few more weeks, then it’s off to Spain, Scotland, and Greece. We’ll be back in the States in May (oh, Mexican food, I miss you). Hopefully, I’ll see some of your lovely faces soon. I FINALLY wrote a long-ass blog post on how to do international and domestic housesitting. It really is the ultimate creativity and travel hack.

Here’s me having a laugh because Zach took a picture of me and I was trying to be serious and cool on a street in Morocco, but it was the most hilarious sad face ever. Tragic AF. Pics are so much better when you’re not being a poseur.





This month I’ve got LOADS for you. A new website, new Inspiration Portal, downloads, reading fun, and more. See below for all the shenanigans. Remember, this year my word is BLOOM. I’m excited for us to grow a beautiful garden together. I put my heart and soul into this site, really hoping that the Inspiration Portal and other resources there will be a doorway into the magic and wonder of your own creativity.



Your Fellowship of the Pen Worksheet Download


Way out here on the other side of the world, I’m seeing that you can’t BLOOM without community. Sure, you can be like the thorny rose in The Little Prince, shouting “Let the tigers come with their claws,” but, you know, it’s nice to not go it alone. As I mentioned in this post for the Barnes and Noble blog, it’s so much easier to get through with a great crew–Aelin’s court, anyone?


I keep hearing my clients longing for other writers to connect with, to help them on their journey, and I’m in that place too. As many of you know, the word I’ve chosen for this year is BLOOM. And the fact is, you can’t bloom as gloriously alone. A garden usually has more than one flower. You’re going to be a kickass flower if you’re the only rose in the bunch or one of hundreds, but it’s nice to have some companionship, no? Someone to buzz with other than the bees.

To that end, I’ve come up with a couple of excellent resources for you on the Inspiration Portal (which is all new and CHOCK FULL of awesome: the skinny on international housesitting for writers, dipping our toes in the tarot waters, ergonomics so you don’t hurt, all my artist soul food inspiration, and SO MUCH MORE).



You’ll find my Fellowship of the Pen worksheet download to help you suss out who your crew into Mordor is and who you SHOULDN’T take on this writing journey. What’s your dream writing community? How can you bring that into your life? Conversely, what writers (or non-writers) are not supporting you? Who is bringing you down, tearing you apart, or just making you feel shitty? This worksheet will give you strategies to find your very own garden of buddies to bloom with.

We need each other to bloom. I know this. You know this. If you don’t have it already, you can get the password for the Inspiration Portal here.


Meditation Downloads


You’ll also find a special guided meditation download on lovingkindness for writers, where all the people you choose in this powerful meditation are SPECIFICALLY related to your writing life. I wrote a blog about that here. You can get the download on the portal.

I ALSO have a revision meditation download for you, which you’ll find on the front page of the Inspiration Portal, along with all the other deliciousness.


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Autumn Retreat Update


Heads up: I’ll be sending out info soon, but mark your calendars because the next annual autumn retreat is October 5-10th at Highlights and I’m bringing on an all-new super-cool co-leader who you WILL LOVE and is one of my favorite people ever. More on that soon, but keep those dates open!


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This Planner Will Change Your Life (No Joke)


It’s okay if 2019 isn’t in full bloom yet. It’s only February! You’ve got this! And if you need some help, I swear by the Best Self planner. It’s really saved me, no joke. (Full disclosure, I’m an affiliate). It’s quarterly (easier to reach your goals!) and blank, so you can start whenever. It helped me write nearly half a million words in less than a year. If that’s not a shining endorsement, I don’t know what is.



Tell me below what you love best about your own Fellowship of the Pen. Who’s on your crew? How do they support you? While you’re at it, what’s your word for 2019? If you don’t have one yet, it’s not too late. I recommend BLOOM. 🙂


Breathe. Write. Repeat.



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