The Complete Once More With Feeling Revision Series


Below are all the interviews in the Summer 2018 Once More With Feeling Revision Series, updated now to include the one I did with myself in October 2018. Here, I talk to some of my favorite authors about their revision processes and how they feel about this part of the craft. Scroll down to get access to a downloadable Revision Checklist to use during your own revising.




Amy Ewing: NYT Bestselling Author Talks Revision Process


Ingrid Sundberg: The Queen of Craft Talks Revision


Lisa Papademetriou: Writer / Editor on Why Writing A Terrible Manuscript Is The Ace Up Your Writing Sleeve


Jessica Rinker: Smash Revision Like This Writer Smashes The Patriarchy



small revise


Miriam McNamara: Revising With Pride: A Debut Author On Revision Feels


Camille DeAngelis: The Dedicated Imperfectionist


Melanie Fishbane: Revision: Where The Story Is


Editor / Author Maggie Lehrman: Beware of Mindweasels!


Throwing Down the Bones with Bonnie Pipkin


Heather Demetrios: Everything You Need To Know About Revision



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