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Hi, friends!

This is just a little reminder that sign-ups for my October revision retreat are going to close in less than two weeks. We have ten spots left!

I am so excited about this event – we had such an amazing time last year and the group that’s shaping up this year is already fantastic. This is going to be something special, and I want to make sure you’re really clear on all you’ll get out of it. This isn’t a vacation – this is an invitation for transformation.


First, the most important info:

October 9-14th, 2018 in Honesdale, PA at the Highlights Retreat Center

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING: A Pneuma Creative retreat for women on how to revise your work and re-vision your process without losing your cool, led by Heather Demetrios and Ingrid Sundberg


Total Cost: $ 1400


What You Get

  • 6 days days / 5 nights at the Highlights Center in PA, including free shuttle to and from Newark airport
  • A solid revision plan for your work-in-progress
  • Lectures and workshops that will allow you to walk away with a blueprint for revising your future manuscripts
  • A meditation practice you’ll have FOR LIFE that will give you greater flow, focus, and help you more elegantly navigate the challenges of the writer’s life
  • Clarity on what you need to revise in your artistic process to help you get closer to reaching your writing goals
  • A unique workshopping process that gives you a chance to revise your work and get notes on both drafts of your piece (!)
  • A beautiful setting in which to write, ponder, reflect, and grow
  • New friends in the writing sisterhood : there is nothing like getting away and connecting with other women who do this insanely beautiful, hard, crazy thing we do. This will fill your creative well and your heart.
  • Gorgeous trails to walk, if you so desire. A word rock garden to get creative in. Wine and beer and snacks and coffee and ice-cream and the most amazing food you will eat (seriously).
  • One-on-one chats with your instructors to talk about anything you want.
  • A publishing break-out session where we offer advice on this part of the journey and help you determine what next steps are right for you.




More About The Retreat


You’re freaked out about revision in general, or you don’t know how to do it – possibly, you’re both freaked out and not sure how to do it AT THE SAME TIME. Is there anything more to this process beyond nail biting and hand wringing? How do you even know where to begin? And what can you possibly do to chill out and enjoy revising your work? Have no fear: your retreat leaders, YA authors Heather Demetrios and Ingrid Sundberg, are the kind of sickos that actually enjoy revising and are thrilled to bring you over to the revision-loving dark side.

Together, we’ll help you figure out how to revise your work, give you the tools to plan your revision and figure out a timeline, and we’ll be doing some meditation practice along the way to help boost your flow and help you to better navigate the uncertainty and stress revision can sometimes cause. Not only that, we’ll be taking a good, hard look at your writing process and re-visioning your approach to your writing. What’s working, what’s not? Through creative exercises, lectures, and discussion, we’ll do a deep dive into your creative life.

Heather’s a certified meditation instructor who’s passionate about the intersection of mindfulness and writing (find out more at, so in addition to leading meditation every day, she’ll be available for personal consultations to help you come up with a solid action plan towards starting your own practice when you go home.


Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. I’m standing by! And if you want to get extra pumped about revision, make sure to check out the Once More With Feeling author interview series I’m doing this summer, where I’ve been chatting with some of my favorite authors about their revision process.


Breathe. Write. Repeat.


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