Mindful Revision: The 2018 Autumn Retreat!

Pneuma 2018 Retreat Large Image

You’re freaked out about revision in general, or you don’t know how to do it – possibly, you’re both freaked out and not sure how to do it AT THE SAME TIME. Is there anything more to this process beyond nail biting and hand wringing? How do you even know where to begin? And what can you possibly do to chill out and enjoy revising your work? Have no fear: your retreat leaders, YA authors Heather Demetrios and Ingrid Sundberg, are the kind of sickos that actually enjoy revising and are thrilled to bring you over to the revision-loving dark side.

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Together, we’ll help you figure out how to revise your work, discuss all the things you need to keep in mind as you revise, and give you the tools to plan your revision and figure out a timeline. We’ll be doing some meditation practice along the way to help boost your flow and help you to better navigate the uncertainty and stress revision can sometimes cause. Not only that, we’ll be taking a good, hard look at your writing process and re-visioning your approach to your writing. What’s working, what’s not? Through creative exercises, lectures, and discussion, we’ll do a deep dive into your creative life.

Bonus: Heather’s a certified meditation instructor who’s passionate about the intersection of mindfulness and writing (find out more at mindfulnessforwriters.com), so in addition to leading meditation every day, she’ll be available for personal consultations to help you come up with a solid action plan towards starting your own practice when you go home. Please note this is a retreat for female-identifying writers only.

There are only 16 spots available. Hustle your bustle to get on the list!

I left the Pneuma Retreat feeling so inspired and creatively energized! It was amazing to spend four days with an intimate group of women, all of whom are on this same journey as me. We talked craft, marketing, industry trends, challenges, and how to stay healthy and grounded with things like meditation. My favorite parts were the evenings, when we drank wine, played games, and talked. I left the retreat with a better understanding of my current WIP, the courage to start exploring book marketing, and a lovely group of friends. I’ll definitely be staying in contact with these ladies and I WILL go to another Pneuma retreat.

~ Margaret Torres

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Pneuma 17 Retreat


The Pneuma retreat is the best thing I have done for myself in years. Heather did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and setting a tone of community and learning throughout the retreat. I met a fantastic group of writers who are supportive, smart, and dedicated to their craft. I really enjoyed the meditation aspect, which surprised me because it was something I had never done before–and was actually a little skeptical about. After our first meditation workshop I saw the connection to writing and have incorporated daily meditation into my writing time. Thank you so much!

~ Jessica Conoley

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