Mindful Social Media: Worksheet Download!


I get it: social media is killing your creative spirit.

That’s why I’m sharing this handy worksheet I created specifically for the writers I work with. One of the most difficult aspects of being a writer is having to market yourself. And even if you’re not at that stage in your career yet, I’d wager that your online escapades are sucking time and energy away from your writing. There’s also the issues of jealousy and comparison and a host of other sticky emotions that come up when we see other writers having the best writing day ever when our writing day has gone all The Shining on us.

After being overwhelmed by all things social media, I started implementing some of the tools I share in the worksheet. It’s been nothing short of life changing. Click below to download the worksheet. When you get a chance during your HEALTHY online usage time, tell me how it goes and what kinds of shifts you’re seeing in your life. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.


Get my Mindful Social Media for Writers Worksheet



As you go through the worksheet, remember that there will still be times when social media overwhelms you. Next time that happens, take five. Close your eyes and just follow your breath in silence. To go deeper with meditation, you can find my guided meditations for writers on my Insight Timer app page.

If you have friends who could benefit from this worksheet, please send them over to my newsletter sign-up and they’ll receive it as a download.

Breathe. Write. Repeat. 

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*typewriter illustration by Charlotte Day

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