Lovingkindness Guided Meditation



A little self love for you this Valentine’s Day

Time to get our lovingkindness on! For those of you who like mantras or something to * do * while you’re meditating, this one will be right up your alley.

Writers, I know the term lovingkindness sounds cheesy, but trust me when I say you will love this practice. Just be open to it! We spend so much time hating on ourselves, giving our inner critics free reign, and being perfectionists. This practice teaches us to be gentle toward ourselves and increase our ability to be expansive. Good stories need big hearts, am I right?

Get started with the guided meditation below. There’s a tad bit of explanation in the beginning, but if you want to jump right in to the meditation skip ahead to the 7:37 mark. This is a contemplative practice, so posture isn’t as essential here. If you want to sit on your couch, or lie down, go for it (just be careful not to fall asleep if you’re lying down!).


I get more into the practice and how it helps us as writers on the podcast, which you can access below:


It can be hard to take time for ourselves, so this is a great opportunity to just be nice to yourself, to be a bit soothing, and gentle. It also genuinely helps you be nicer. So if you’re struggling with some professional jealousy of another writer, or perhaps feel anger towards a reviewer, this practice can help soften those edges a bit, too.

Let me know how you like it in the comments below, or on the soundcloud page!


Breathe. Write. Repeat. 


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Heart illustrations by unknown. If this was you, let me know!

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